Frequently Asked Questions


Who may apply to be a missionary with MCM?
  • Missionaries who have experience on the field, but who have had to leave their organization for political or doctrinal reasons, or for some other reason not having to do with sinful conduct on their part.
  • Anyone who is born again by the Spirit of God and senses God's leading to go the mission field for service.
  • Anyone holding doctrinal positions consistent with sound Scripture.
What are some reasons people have come to us?
Several couples have come to us because the organization they had served with disbanded, and they were left with no covering or sending group. One couple had been on the field for years, but they felt led to move into new areas of ministry that their previous group felt were outside of the parameters of their mission statement. Their contributors didn't want to support them if they were doing their own thing, but would gladly help if they worked with a reputable organization. Another couple was retiring and felt led of the Lord to move to a country where they could use their last years to further the Gospel. They needed an organizational name to work under. Several single people have come on board with us and are working with other missionaries in auxiliary positions. Others came to us because their churches would not or could not take on all of the work of maintaining their accounts.
How much do MCM's services cost?
Our goal is to get the missionary dollar to the mission field. Therefore, we ask only for enough to help us with running expenses, etc. We ask 5% of all contributions that come through our books.  As MCM office staff, we trust the Lord for our needs, just like the missionaries on the field do. Having been around for years, we know that other organizations charge varying amounts of up to 50% of all that comes in. Our purpose is not to financially further our interests, but to further the missionaries who are working for the Lord on the front lines.
How do the missionaries get their funds?
Each missionary makes his own contacts. The contributions are sent to our offices in the name of MCM. We send a return receipt right away, which lets the contributors know to which ministry we are sending the funds. This way the folks know we received the funds and which ministry is to receive them. At the end of each month, a statement is sent to each missionary with a list of all who contributed, their addresses, and the amount contributed. Any personal correspondence is also sent along. The missionary, then, sends a "Thank you" letter to his contributors, and this completes the circle. In this way the contributors know the funds arrived safely.
On the last working day of each month, we close out our books for the month and deposit the funds in personal missionary bank accounts. The missionaries can then access the funds where they are. All receipts for contributions are sent out at once to the contribuors. They are not accumulative. This is to say, they won't tell the total giving for the year. The upper part of each receipt should be kept for one's records.
In how many countries are our missionaries working?
At present we have missionaries working in ten countries, including the U.S.A.
What are your beliefs concencerning specific matter of faith?
You can read our statement of faith to know more details of our organizations beliefs.